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Modular cellar partitions

Cellar partition walls: Modern system for efficient cellar use

Cellar rooms are used in many different ways in single and multi-family houses. In the past, however, this often looked relatively chaotic: one large room in which everything is housed. Cellar partition walls offer a simple solution to make more efficient use of the cellar. Cellar partition wall systems can be found in both private homes and office buildings to structure and organize the cellar space. In buildings accessible to the public, it also serves as protection against thieves and unauthorized entry to certain areas.

More flexibility through partition wall systems

Which division is most meaningful for the cellar is usually not immediately clear when building a house. Therefore, many residential buildings do not have solid walls in the basement. This means that the room can later be adapted to individual wishes and needs at any time. When building a house, it is usually not immediately clear which division is most meaningful for the cellar. At the same time, they also allow the room layout to be changed again at a later date, if the requirements for the basement room have changed.

Cellar partition walls made of wood or metal?

Sooner or later, anyone who deals with basement partitions is faced with the decision of which material they should be made of. The flexible partition wall systems are usually made of wood or metal.

Wood has the advantage that it is a comparatively inexpensive building material. At the same time, depending on the type of wood, it has a pleasant feel and appearance, which is why it is generally very popular for building projects. Because it is also easy to process, wood is usually the material of choice for those who build their own basement partitions.

However, wood is unsuitable for basement partitions if a basement has a tendency to get wet. Here there is a risk that the building material will be damaged by the constant moisture. In these cases, metal basement partitions are more suitable. These are particularly durable and robust and can therefore withstand higher demands. The initially higher costs are thus amortized over the years. Another advantage of the metal version is the degree of opacity.

For example, if a cellar is used by several people and privacy is supposed to be protected, opaque partition elements are the first choice. If, on the other hand, the partition wall system is to be translucent because the cellar is only sparsely lit, lattice partitions are a good choice.

Metal mesh partition walls

For basement rooms where privacy does not necessarily have to be protected, mesh partition wall systems are the best choice. Because the light and air-permeable grid elements not only improve the illumination of the compartment, but also the air circulation. The improved air exchange in turn prevents the development of mold in the basement. In total

this makes metal mesh partitions the best option for basement subdivision. Only if an opaque separation of the individual compartments is absolutely necessary, lattice partition wall systems are at a disadvantage.

Buy basement partition walls online

Who wants to buy basement partitions, usually goes to the nearby hardware store. However, it is more convenient if you can also buy basement partitions online. Therefore Safetyfence24 offers the flexible partition solution ECONFENCE BASIC LINE Zink in its online store.

The galvanized grid construction is available as a modular system. This means that it can be flexibly adapted to your own needs and is easy to install thanks to its modular design. The construction kit contains the required posts and grid elements with the respective screw connections. In addition, it is also possible to install hinged or sliding doors, thus separating the individual compartments even better from one another. Safetyfence24 thus offers a flexible and convenient solution for cellar subdivisions. Thus, the cellar rooms are ready for use again in no time at all.