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Separation grids for IT data centre

More security for your data center with IT mesh partitions

Metal mesh partitions are also standard equipment in IT. In server rooms and data centers, for example, they are used to separate server areas from one another. Mesh partitions made of galvanized steel have proven particularly effective in this respect.

Partition walls for more security and higher energy efficiency

The most important components in data centers are certainly the servers on which the data is stored. However, when building a large server room or entire data center, many other factors play a role that must be considered in advance. Sooner or later, the focus will also be on data center partitions.

Partition walls in server rooms not only serve to structure the room and separate individual server areas from each other, but also ensure greater energy efficiency and security. If the focus when setting up the data center is on higher energy efficiency, closed partition systems are particularly suitable, which, for example, keep cold or warm air flows within the desired range and thus reduce energy consumption.

However, since data centers often contain sensitive data to which not everyone should or may have access, security is usually the primary criterion. Partition walls create the necessary barrier here to regulate access to the servers and thus make them secure.

Lattice partition or closed partition system?

In principle, closed partition systems can be used for this purpose. However, IT mesh partitions have the advantage that they guarantee the desired security without affecting the air circulation. This is particularly important in IT environments such as server rooms or data centers, so that the servers do not overheat and, in the worst case, data is lost.

In contrast to closed walls, however, they not only ensure optimum air exchange, but also good lighting and a view into the individual rooms. This simplifies the work of data center employees, since they don't have to go into each room to find out what's inside. Metal mesh partitions are also robust enough to withstand shocks and blows. This is particularly relevant with regard to security, as unauthorized access is made extremely difficult.

Why a modular system for IT mesh partitions is the better solution

Once the decision for an IT mesh partition has been made, the next question is to build it yourself or whether a modular system is the better choice. Even though a self-constructed mesh partition may save a few costs, it is advisable to rely on a modular system.

With these, all necessary components such as posts, grid elements and screw connections are already available and there is no need to laboriously put everything together. Furthermore, the construction kits are already successfully proven in practice and thus provide the desired security and robustness in the server room.

The ECONFENCE BASIC LINE ZINC also offers the properties desired in server rooms and data centers. Thanks to its modular design, the IT mesh partition can be adapted to different conditions and the data center can thus be optimally designed. In order to ensure the greatest possible security and without disturbing the air circulation, the grid elements close off the entire height. The posts attached to the floor provide the necessary stability to reliably withstand impacts.

To ensure that access for selected employees is still possible, the IT mesh partition wall system also offers single-leaf hinged doors. These can be locked at any time or extended with an electronic access control system to prevent unauthorized persons from entering.

Flexible expansion and adaptation

Security plays an enormously important role in a data center. When equipping the premises, it is therefore worthwhile to rely on stable grid partition walls that can also provide the desired security. A modular partition wall system also offers the option of flexibly moving or expanding the grid elements. This makes it easy to change or adapt the partitioning of individual server rooms at a later date. This makes lattice partitions made of galvanized metal ideal for use in data centers.